Our recent eTwinning projects

Please read about our eTwinning projects, which are listed separately.  At Steeton School, we often work with our international partners in cross-curricular projects.  We believe that this both broadens and deepens our curriculum, enabling our pupils to share with, and learn from, other children around the world.  We also often learn some words in a new language during our work!

Our recent international eTwinning projects include:

Christmas Connections 2016 working with other local schools and schools in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine

Wojtek the Soldier Bear (Year 5-6 autumn 2016)

Project with Rome (Year 3-4 in 2016) 

French/English Culture and Language Project (Year 5-6 in 2016)

Pobble writing project (Year 5-6 in 2016)

Christmas around Europe 2015

Keep Cool - Stay Warm!

Christmas Truce

World War 2: Our Shared History

Farming around Europe

People and places: Guadeloupe and England