Families Reading Every Day is a 4- week programme designed to help you get into the habit of reading to / listening to your child reading every day.

Research shows that children who grow up with warm, nurturing and
actively involved families:
Do better in school
Have higher self esteem
Build better relationships with other children
Behave better
Grow into happier, more successful adults

Please come and join us on Monday 10th October to find out more and sign up for the FRED programme.
There will be two sessions available starting at 3:45pm and 5:45pm in the School Hall. After a short introduction from Mr Cooper and Mr Wheeler you will then go to see your child's class teacher who will tell you all about FRED and how all the family can get involved at home.

Once you and your child have completed the FRED programme your child will be able to take home their very own Fred with a 2016 logo.
We intend to have a FRED programme every year, so your will be able to collect FRED 2017 next year as well.